Who we are


Established in April 2018, on the foundation of Global Change Research Center of National Taiwan University, the NTU Research Center for Future Earth (NTU RCFE) integrates outstanding scholars and research capacity from the fields of earth sciences, environmental engineering, ecological resources, and humanities and social sciences to implement four interdisciplinary and proactive research projects.
Our aims are to investigate the processes of environmental and ecological changes in Taiwan and its neighboring areas, resource integration and interactions of ecological changes, and the impacts on humanity, society, and economic development under different temporal and spatial contexts.

The Center expects to “to elaborate local value to pursue global excellence” and to actively research and to develop adaptation technologies in order to establish a sustainable and resilient society. RCFE collaborates with Academia Sinica, National Applied Research laboratories, and National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction to provide courses and training programs, and general education, making the center a cradle to foster students and next generation scientists with literacy in sustainability. We also actively participate in international organizations such as Belmont Forum, Future Earth, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk. The ultimate aim of Center’s international partnership is to amplify our research capacity on sustainability, and to pursue a vision of a future with humanity in symbiosis with the Earth, by connecting with scientists and international organizations.


Research & innovation

We pursue four core themes: climate change, Earth surface dynamics, environmental pollution, and social-ecological systems, to promote academic breakthroughs and technological innovation.

Talent Development

We provide an international graduate program, an interdisciplinary undergraduate course, and training workshops to foster future talent.

Global Engagement

We actively promote international programs with our partners to generate the innovative knowledge to resolve trans-national environmental challenges, and to build the capacity for global sustainability.


IRDR ICoE-Taipei
Future Earth, Taipei
Global Land Programme Taipei Nodal Office
Academia Sinica Taiwan International Graduate Program
University of Malaya
International Master’s/ Doctoral Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development (IPCS)
Academia Sinica-Center for Sustainability Science
IGS-Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Belmont Forum Program Office, MoST
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
National Applied Research Laboratories
National Center for Earthquake Engineering
Water Innovation, Low-Carbon and Environmental Sustainability Research Center


Lo, Ching-Hua
+ Chair professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Mineralogy and petrology of geochronologically-important phases/ Using geochronological (40Ar/ 39Ar) and petrological methods to reveal tectonic processes
+ loch@ntu.edu.tw

“Our faculty and research staff come from six departments, including Department of Geosciences, Agricultural Chemistry, Geography, Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, and Oceanography. Resources and expertise of members in different fields are integrated to achieve the objective of conducting interdisciplinary research in sustainability science.”

Lin, Yu-Pin

+ Professor of Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering
+ Ecological hydrology monitoring and modeling in drainage basin/ Global Change-Land Use Modeling/ Landscape Ecology
+ yplin@ntu.edu.tw

Lin, Li-Hung
+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Geomicrobiology
+ lhlin@ntu.edu.tw
Chien, Shiuh-Shen
+ Professor of Department of Geography
+ Global south and international development/ Policy learning and mobility/ Political economy of local and regional development
+ schien@ntu.edu.tw
Shen, Chuan-Chou

+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ High-precision mass spectrometry/ Past and present climate and environment changes/ Carbonate geochemistry
+ river@ntu.edu.tw

Wu, Yih-Min
+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Seismic early warning/ Observational seismology/ Geophysics
+ drymwu@ntu.edu.tw
Liou, Ya-Hsuan
+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Environmental Chemistry
+ yhliou@ntu.edu.tw
Löwemark, Ludvig
+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Paleoceanography/ Sedimentology/ Paleoclimatology
+ ludvig@ntu.edu.tw
Wei, Kuo-Yen
+ Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Marine calcareous microfossils/ Tertiary biostratigraphy/ Paleoceanography/ Evolutionary paleobiology
+ weiky@ntu.edu.tw
Ren, Haojia
+ Associate Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Biogeochemical Cycling/ Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography/ Stable Isotope Geochemistry
+ abbyren@ntu.edu.tw

Lo, Li

+ Assistant Professor of Department of Geosciences
+ Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate/ Marine Geology/ Micropaleontology/ Carbonate Geochemistry
+ LiLo115@ntu.edu.tw

Wang, Pei-Ling
+ Associate Professor of Institute of Oceanography
+ Geochronology/ Stable isotope geochemistry/ Geomicrobiology in extreme environments
+ plwang@ntu.edu.tw

Su, Chih-Chieh
+ Associate Professor of Institute of Oceanography
+ Radiochemistry / Uranium series disequilibrium / Geochemistry / Marine sedimentology
+ donccsu@ntu.edu.tw
Chuang, Ray Y.
+ Assistant Professor of Department of Geography
+ Tectonic geodesy/ Geodynamic modeling/ Crustal deformation/ Application of information technology
+ raychuang@ntu.edu.tw
Lo, Shang-Lien
+ Distinguished Professor of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
+ Water supply and sewage engineering/ Water quality control/ Environmental mathematics/ Soil and groundwater pollution
+ sllo@ntu.edu.tw
Chiueh, Pei-Te
+ Professor of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
+ Watershed management / Evaluation of environmentally friendly materials / Environmental planning and management
+ ptchueh@ntu.edu.tw
Chen, Pei-Jen
+ Professor of Department of Agricultural Chemistry
+ Environmental Toxicology/ Environmental Biotechnology/ Modes of Actions of Environmental Organic Toxicants/ Remediation Technology of Environmental Pollution
+ chenpj@ntu.edu.tw
Hou, Chia-Hung

+ Professor of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
+ Environmental nanotechnology
/ Colloidal and interfacial science/ Environmental electrochemistry/ Water-energy technology for sustainability
+ chiahunghou@ntu.edu.tw

Lin, Yi-Pin

+ Professor of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
+ Aquatic chemistry/
Drinking water treatment/
Environmental redox processes
+ yipinlin@ntu.edu.tw

Jou, Sue-Ching
+ Professor of Department of Geography
+ Urban policy and governance/ Urban regeneration and redevelopment/ Participatory river governance
+ jouchen@ntu.edu.tw
Huang, Jr-Chuan
+ Professor of Department of Geography
+ Hydrological process / Simulations in catchment / Digital terrain analysis / GIS
+ riverhuang@ntu.edu.tw
Huang, Cho-Ying

+ Professor of Department of Geography
+ Ecosystem ecology/ Biogeochemistry/ Remote sensing of the environment/
Non-native species
+ choying@ntu.edu.tw

Juang, Jehn-Yih
+ Associate Professor of Department of Geography
+ Surface-atmosphere interactions / Hydrometeorology environmental and climatic changes/ Impacts of land-use change on the regional climate and environment
+ jjuang@ntu.edu.tw
Hung, Po-Yi
+ Associate Professor of Department of Geography
+ Political ecology/ Food and agriculture/ Development studies/ Landscape, space and place
+ oyihung@ntu.edu.tw
Hung, Kuang-Chi
+ Assistant Professor of Department of Geography
+ History of science/ Science, technology, and society / Environmental history
+ kuangchi@ntu.edu.tw