Smart Campus Sensor Workshop

  • 26 September, 2020
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Climate change, an arduous challenge to contemporary human society, has been seriously discussed for many years, but feelings of urgency and actions at the everyday, community-scale remain elusive. A key dilemma remains: “urban climate action must be supported by meticulous scientific data; as well as local knowledge to assist in analysis.” Therefore, downscaling scientific data and improving citizens’ environmental perception are two key prerequisites for urban climate change action and important social responsibility of the academic and higher education community.

This project is expected to be included under the development of the smart campus concept, whereby National Taiwan University will be regarded as a living lab. Customized sensors will be developed and deployed in the creation of an innovative microclimate sensing network based on downscaled climate data collection and analysis.

In today’s workshop, in addition to introducing the goals and vision of the project, the lecturers taught the participants to operate a simple temperature and humidity sensor through programming using the Arduino Pro Mini motherboard.

In the future, the project team will continue to host workshops to introduce the principle and application of sensors to NTU students and researchers to invite more people to join.


September 26, 2020


National Taiwan University Global Change Research Center


National Taiwan University International Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development