Wenshan Community College Climate Action Workshop

  • 31 Oct, 2020
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The research team introduced the mechanisms of microclimate sensors, interpretation of climate data, communication of climate risks, and other topics to lead the participants to consider how sensors could be part of communities.

As Wenshen Community College promoted community climate action in the past, the organizers found that small-scale scientific data was required to transform local knowledge and experience into environmental initiatives or climate actions.

In the workshop, the participants learned the data collection mode of the Bureau of Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration as well as how the sensors deployed in communities could assist in the interpretation of official data. They also thought about the potential application of sensors in community environmental issues from their experience.

In the future, the research team plans to integrate sensing data into existing courses and build a sensing network at a specific site such as Jingmei Market to construct a community-scale environmental risk database. 

For more information, please visit Project SC+NTU.


October 31, 2020


Wenshan Community College 


National Taiwan University International Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Wenshan Community College